Gentlemen Callers


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« I would consider it scandalous if Hoex’s fiction is still unknown in the world literature canon ten years down the road. » Lee Yew Long, Asymptote Journal

Every night when she goes to sleep, a woman dreams of erotic encounters with different men. She dreams of being the sponge squeezed to foaming in a gas station attendant’s hand and of twining her bare skin with an elephant seal’s thick pelt under the watchful eye of the circus trainer. From a watchmaker to a tacher, a furrier to an astrologer, each evening’s new encounter is more sensual and extravagant than the last.

Corinne Hoex (b. 1946) is an award-winning contemporary Belgian writer and member of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium. She has, to date, published eight works of fiction and prose and over twenty works of poetry. She has won several literary prizes, including the 2013 Prix Félix Denayer in recognition of her collection of work. She currently lives in Brussels.

Caitlin O’Neil is a translator, publicist, and copy editor based in Minncapolis.

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